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Gayatri Convent Mahal was started in June 1983 under the management of Navnirman Education Society located in one of the smallest area of Mahal’s Rahatekarwadi. It aims at providing valuable education to the students of Mahal, neighbouring areas of Rahatekarwadi. Though it was in the rented building “Morghade Bhavan”, it was running successfully under the able guidance of our Hon. Principal Late. H.V. Nahatkar. But now the school boasts of beautiful modern building with all the facilities.

Development of the student’s character , personality and healthy mental attitude along with academic accolades are the basic objectives of the school.

A child enters the school at the age of 3 Years(Nursery) and these tiny tots of our school enjoy the learning through rhymes, songs, various concept are instilled in their tender minds including their prescribed syllabus. A child gets matured year after year and the day comes when he leaves the school with the blessings of “Gayatri” full of confidence, self-disciplined in all respect.

The school is not limited to just imparting academic skills to its pupils but also legitimately extends in helping them to become talented, happy, successful and responsible citizens. What makes it stand apart from other educational institutions is that it caters to the needs of wide spectrum of students coming from various classes of society. The monthly fees of the school is always affordable and considerable.

The science laboratory aims of exposing the young minds of the students to the scientific advancement of the modern times. There are self- demonstration charts and models , teaching aids which help the children to understand the concept better.

The Computer department is well equipped lab with computers and trained staff. The course has been prescribed according to the age level of the students form IV to X std. within a small span of time we have completed the basic course of computer to various classes and now we are going for the advance course and Animated softwares like H TML, Flash, Photoshop, Microsoft-Office etc.

In our school there are four houses for students .Various competitions like Elocution, Essay Writing ,Drawing, Acting,story Telling, Handwriting, Debate ,Fate Programes are Conducted House-Wise for the overall development of the students. The students were given ample apportunities to expose their talents through their representative House notice boards .Every Year the students also collected a notable amount for voluntary organizations like Help Age India, Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation ,Wardha Home for Aged & Handicapped.

Gayatri Convent Mahal has been Vibrant with Many celebrations ,Annual Day function and festivals Since the beginning of the academic year. Art, Craft and science Exhibition during Annual Social Gathering ,Independence Day ,Republic Day ,Teachers Day as self Government Day And Childerns Day celebrates with gaiety and enthusiasm.It provides a platform for interaction between Students ,teachers and Parents.

Our efforts is to accept the best that modern research in education has to offer, integrate it with basic values of our reverd ancient heritage and in the process of carrying out this integrated programmes allow our children to interact creatively, constructively and comfortably with their enviorment.